Order to Delivery in 12 Months or Less

Who hasn't fantasized about putting a genuine XR750 on the road.  That dream quickly fades once practical considerations enter the thought process.  XR750's were made to race around dirt tracks and jump buses.  Not only would modifications for street riding be extensive.  It would also be an unforgivable sin to violate an original.

The next alternative isn't much better.  Every so-called Harley "street tracker" you've ever seen looks as similar to the genuine article as chalk does to cheese.  Even Harley's own attempt, the factory XR1200 is blandly unconvincing.

Close inspection of this 1200 Sportster-based street clone eventually reveals the replica's most unique but least obvious feature:  front and rear disc brakes...without an (incorrect) front brake lever on the handlebars.  Both front and back operate via the custom two-into-one braking system controlled by one pedal.  Adjustable front to rear ratio.

Keeping that lever off of the bars reflects the obsession that went into designing and building the most legit street legal replica of a factory XR750 anywhere.

Other excquisite touches include using Ninja forks and triple trees.  That stance without sacrificing precision street riding.   Custom swept pipes.  Discreet front and rear lighting.  Correct staggered footpegs.  Lots more.

How's the ride?  As fun, safe and BADASS as anything you've ever put a leg over.

The Program

$7000 - Begins your build

* Covers acquisition of donor Sportster, tear down, frame stripping and coating

$7000 Midway

*Covers motor rebuild, custom fabrication of air filter intake, pipes, plates, lighting, rear-sets/pegs/pedals, wiring and suspension

$7000 at Delivery

* Covers braking, bodywork, wheels, tires, cables, bars and final assembly

Winner - Best American Custom - Motoclassica Motorcycle Show, Willow Springs April 2015

Winner - Best American Custom - Motoclassica Motorcycle Show, Willow Springs April 2015